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Artistic Yogi: Journey Of A Changemaker

Understanding human nature is an ongoing journey. Often, we judge people without truly understanding them. 'Artistic Yogi' challenges these preconceptions.
This book isn't just about personal struggles and victories; it presents an authentic picture of changemakers. It highlights the complexities of human nature, shaped by intent and circumstance.
Within these compelling stories, we'll reveal Mudit Pathak's real-life journey. He's not only an 8+ world record holder but also a 2021 Padma Shree Nominee. His narrative revolves around love, career, and friendship, capturing the essence of a changemaker.
From the story of a young boy attempting suicide to ultimately becoming a changemaker who touches the lives of millions, each tale is emotionally evocative. Readers will experience a rollercoaster of emotions, from anger and kindness to empathy and an understanding of the world's realities. This book engages readers with its skillful storytelling, relatable characters, and richly crafted settings.

Artistic Yogi: Journey Of A Changemaker

  • Mayank Gangwar

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