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...but you love me daddy: the father and his son

It is said everything is 50/50, with each parent giving an equal amount of traits to their child. But even though we inherit 50% of our genes from each parent, how much they influence our traits varies… and that is something only time can tell.
…after all," the apple doesn't fall far from the tree” 

I can say I am a healthy mix, maybe at times slightly tilting to one side than the other.

This piece of writing comes from the hands of ‘a mind that never stops wandering’ of what to write about next. A trait of which was inherited from my dad himself, this is dedicated to HIM.

Savio Joel Sylvester Paes is better known for his teaching skills in the classroom while simultaneously aspiring to be a better ‘son’ at home.

...but you love me daddy: the father and his son

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  • Savio Paes

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