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Echoes of Kashmir: Poetic Chronicles

Echoes of Kashmir: Poetic Chronicles" is a captivating collection of poems that delves into the heart and soul of Kashmir, the land of pristine beauty and enduring resilience. Through verses that span landscapes, seasons, and emotions, Muhib Kashmeri paints a vivid picture of this enchanting region. From saffron fields and the majestic Chinar's embrace to the serenades of Shikaras on Dal Lake, the poems celebrate the beauty, culture, and spirit of Kashmir. Yet, they also touch upon the haunting "Voices of Conflict" and the unspoken longings of those separated from their homeland. Amidst the turmoil, the call of Sufism offers solace, and the book looks "Towards a New Dawn," where hope and peace can prevail. "Echoes of Kashmir" is a poetic journey that captures the essence of a land where nature's beauty intertwines with the resilience of its people.


Echoes of Kashmir: Poetic Chronicles

  • Muhib Kashmeri 

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