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Eid: Festival Of Sweetness

About Book

Eid is the biggest and most popular festival of the Muslim community. Eid comes after the month of Ramadan. It is God's reward for fasting and worshiping for 30 days. On this day people offer Eid prayers, hug each other, give greetings and enjoy varity of dishes.

Therefore, through this book our Compiler and co-authors have tried to present Eid, Ramazan, worship, happiness etc in front of you through their words.

Hope you will enjoy reading this book.

Co Author Family

Aliya Noor Afshan,Afrin Ruksar,Sufia Nadeem,Seemeen Nayeem Siddiqui,भौम्या चौरसिया,Meharunnisa S Bepari,Shivangi Virag,आफाक अहमद,Usman Khan,Iram Akhtar,Umar Mukhtar Shayar Moradabadi,Rangeesh Chandrasekar,Khadija Aga,Aditi Vats,Manisha S Kaushal,Jyotirmayee Panda,Hasfa Rashid,Dr. Priya Nagarajan,Nikita Majhi,Seema Rao,Hajra khatoon.A. Jameela Firdaus,Nakshatra Mala Dash,Surangama,Mohammed Urooj Khan,Ummusalma Muhammad Idris,Mohammed Niyaz,Payal Chowdhury,Simran Bhatt

About Compiler

He is "Farhan Alam Lari" from "Uttar-Pradesh". He has done Post-Graduation in Commerce and at present he is preparing for Competitive exams. He loves to write "Poetry and Quotes".
He is an Author, Awardee, Record-Holder, Project-Head, Co-Founder, Compiler, Graphics-Designer, Co-Author, Writer of the Week+Month, Green-Soldier and has lots of Achievements.
He also published in "Electronic and Print Media".

Eid: Festival Of Sweetness

  • 978-81-19210-22-0

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