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English for Playgroup/Nursary/Jr.K.G/Sr. K.G

English Grammar Books for Playgroup/Nursary/Jr.K.G/Sr. K.G Kids. The foundation of any language is grammar. Therefore, it is important to instill appropriate grammatical skills at the appropriate age. This would give kids a good handle on verbal and written communication. English Grammar Books for Playgroup/Nursary/Jr.K.G/Sr. This includes four Grammar books that strengthen the foundation of the English language. It consists of 14 learning activities. Topics include Trace the line Alphabet, This/That/These/Those, Consonants & Vowels, Prepositions, Adjectives, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, The Punctuation Mark, Wh-Question Mark, Opposing Words, Rhyme WordsNear & Far, etc. These topics are suitable for a child in the initial stages of learning. These books will help kids communicate better and develop language comprehension skills.


English for Playgroup/Nursary/Jr.K.G/Sr. K.G

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