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Essentials of Seed Quality Testing and Enhancement

This book is a comprehensive and practical guide to seed quality control for the students of M.Sc Agriculture Seed Science & Technology. The book covers the following topics: Seed legislation: The legal framework and regulations related to seed production, distribution and marketing in India and abroad, and the role of various agencies and organizations involved in seed quality control. Seed certification: The principles and procedures of seed certification, which is a voluntary process of verifying and certifying that the seeds conform to the prescribed standards of varietal identity and purity. Seed quality testing: The methods and techniques of seed quality testing, such as physical purity analysis, germination test, moisture test, viability test, vigor test, genetic purity test, seed health test, etc. Seed enhancement: The ways of improving the quality and performance of seeds through seed enhancement techniques, such as seed priming, seed pelleting, seed coating, seed hardening, etc.


The book is written by Vinay Chamoli and Madhwendra Kumar Pathak , who are experienced researchers in the field of seed science and technology. The book is based on their extensive knowledge and expertise in seed quality control. The book is designed to be userfriendly and easy to understand for the students. The authors hope that this book will serve as a valuable resource for the students of M.Sc Agriculture Seed Science & Technology and help them to acquire the skills and knowledge required for seed quality control. The authors also welcome feedback and suggestions from the readers to improve the quality and usefulness of the book.

Essentials of Seed Quality Testing and Enhancement

  • Vinay Chamoli

    Madhwendra KumarPathak

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