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Finance Technology (FinTech): New Way of Doing Business

FINTECH's books are a major guide to the financial technology revolution and the turmoil, innovation and opportunities within it. Written by renowned sort leaders in the world's fin-tech investment space, this book brings together insights from different industries into one informative volume that leverages this profitable market for entrepreneurs, bankers and investors. We will provide you with the answers you need to do. Key industry developments are detailed and important insights from cutting-edge practitioners provide direct information and lessons learned. 
The fin-tech industry is booming and entrepreneurs, bankers, advisors, investors and wealth managers are looking for more information. Who are the main players? What is driving explosive growth? What are the risks? This book summarizes insights, knowledge, and guidance from industry experts and provides answers to these questions. 
•    Learn about the latest industry trends 
•    Capturing the market dynamics of the "Fin-tech Revolution" 
•    Understand the  potential of the sector and its impact on related industries 
•    Gain expert insights on investment and entrepreneurial opportunities 
 The fin-tech market reached more than $ 14 billion in 2014, triple the previous year. New startups are emerging faster than ever, forcing large banks and insurers to step up their digital operations to survive. The fin-tech sector is booming and the fin-tech book is the first crowd source book on this subject anywhere in the world and is a valuable resource for anyone working or interested in this area. 

Finance Technology (FinTech): New Way of Doing Business

  • Govind Singh

    Sapna Singh

    Pushpender Singh

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