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Geometry or Mandala Art: Colouring books for Kids & Adults

Children's colouring books are an excellent way to encourage children's creativity and imagination, while also providing them with hours of entertainment. The Mandala or Geometry Colouring Book for Kids contains simple mandalas that are suitable for children 


Mandala or Geometric Art: What is it? It is a spiritual and ritual symbol. A circular design symbolizes the idea that life is never ending and everything is interconnected. Additionally, the mandala represents an individual's spiritual journey. Mandala Art is an artistic representation of Mandalas.


What is the purpose of Mandalas or Geometry Art? Mandalas are created through a process of meditation. Here are a few reasons why Mandala Art is beneficial for you:

1. Anxiety, stress, and pain are reduced

2. Increased sleep time

3. Reduce blood pressure and depression

4. Activating the creative side of the brain

5. Boosting the immune system

6. Enhancing concentration and focus


Who are Mandalas or Geometry Art intended for? There is no age limit to Mandala Art. Anyone of any age can perform this task. It has numerous benefits for children, working professionals, housewives, students, senior citizens, etc.


About this Book: Mandalas or Geometry Art Colouring Book - consists of 70 colouring sheets. The book is ideal for those who wish to learn how to focus. It allows aspiring artists to express themselves creatively by adding their own colors. With colouring pencils, crayons, or gel pens, it makes a wonderful gift. 


It is a very effective stress reliever for both adults and children. By filling in the colors on each page of this Mandala or Geometry Art book with your own creative mind, you can relax and find balance in your life. Get the Mandala or Geometry Art Colouring Book and unleash your creativity!




Geometry or Mandala Art: Colouring books for Kids & Adults

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