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Greening The Earth

T he ecological-balance is seminal for sustaining web-of-life on the Earth. The human’s struggle with nature for “Roti, Kapda Aur Makan” has been quite rigorous. He has marshalled his resources well with equally stupendous achievements. Despite overwhelmed accomplishments, he has overlooked to nurture the nature.
The geographical terrains have enormous impacts on the climate and keeping rendezvous with weather events. The monsoon would commence in June and would take about a month to reach Kashmir from Kerala. The Aravalli range would guide monsoon to Srinagar and Nainital that would fill the rivers and make the “Granary Bowl” of India abound in water, which is so precious resource for maintaining productivity. The terrain bereft of vegetation becomes abysmally impotent as an ecological resource. The recent extreme weather events happening the world over palpably evince that no region is immune to their impacts. This includes both mind boggling losses and human suffering.
The nature has been warning the human in no uncertain terms to better watch out defying boundaries lest it would do justice in its own terms. AGROCEL Industries Private Limited considers biodiversity as an important tool for ecosystems to function efficiently and support a healthy environment. Thus, nature-based solutions to the current maladies cannot be more significant to augment nature's resilience to change. The nature-based solutions need to be relevant to local communities and growing situations with native plants, soil centric solutions and technologies occupying the central space. This requires changes in both behaviour of people and conservation of native plant species that are not exhaustive of natural resource-base for overall wellbeing of native ecosystem services.
Most of its CSR activities of AGROCEL Industries Private Limited hover around resuscitating the bottomed up ecological health. In doing so, it ensures participation of local communities with military regimen of judiciously availing rather than draining natural resource base. It considers local biodiversity of flora and fauna as wealth and health of the nature. It initiated its CSR activities from the most arduous situation, Hillly Terrain Kukma, Bhuj, Kachchh believing that nothing is difficult given the commensurate efforts are done to the volume of difficulties. Once succeeded on this demanding terrain, it was extended to still more stubborn situations like salt-desert and rocky terrain. The available land for afforestation in cities being too meagre, it developed three Miyawaki facilities of varied sizes in Bhuj. All these, activities have been successfully executed largely attributed to unfailing zeal of technically robust CSR team duly supported by management of AGROCEL. The authors feel indebted to each one of them for giving them chance to compile them as a document “Greening the Earth”. We are confident, the hard work that the CSR team has put up to make “Greening the Earth” endeavours a success would motivate all concerned for expanding such activities to other places.

Greening The Earth

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