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Key Concepts of Political Science

This book for Class X has been written strictly in accordance with the latest syllabus. It has been fully updated and abridged in accordance with CBSE requirements. To make reading content easier for students, the book has been written in simple and student-friendly language, in a lucid manner, and with appropriate images, charts, figures, maps, tables, and diagrams. Each chapter includes the curriculum, course content and its focus, as well as a glossary of difficult terminology and extensive activities for self-practice. This book is written in a simple, pleasant, and colloquial style. It contains all of the anticipated questions that will be asked in the examination. This boon benefits weak, medium, and bright pupils alike. It is suitable for all budgets and serves the triple function of Textbooks, Reference Books, and Examination Papers-All in One.

Key Concepts of Political Science

  • Nidhi Arora

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