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Last 5 days of 2022

The book “LAST 5 DAYS OF 2022” is a memoir written by the author V.R.Aakash. It is written as the narration starting on the 27th of December 2022 and ending on the 31st of December 2022 which compares the author's life experience in childhood and as an adult.  The book "LAST 5 DAYS OF 2022" is an Unconventional Memoir, and speaks about the real mental struggle of the typical child in the transition to becoming the complete man exaggeratedly. All the readers can relate to this transformative experience. The mind and heart of the author denies to accept the reality of adulting and wants to roam as a small kid all around the world without any matters eating up his mind. The chapters in this book are written in comparing the preceding chapters to the succeeding chapters. This book will surely give Intimate Memoir Experience to the readers

Last 5 days of 2022

  • V R Aakash

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