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Love Challenge: It was worth fighting for you and me. Forever

Aaryan Rachoor.
I am a man with looks, woman wants to be with me while men want to be like me.  For so many years I have forgotten what love and affection are. Losing the important people in my life made me who I am right now. But then she came into my life more as I pulled her into the web of my darkness. I thought she would get affected by my darkness, but she turned out to be a light for my darkness. Myra changed me into a human. Both of us had only one goal in our minds. After 6 months this fake marriage would come to an end. There should be no attachments, nothing. We had planned everything but fate has other plans. What I avoided these years happened with Myra. We both fell for each other.  She doesn’t need to express her love in words. Her actions and her eyes proved to me how much she loves me. I wanted to live my life with her but there is a knife hanging above her head. Danger from the past is still lurking around. This time I would do anything to protect her even If I have to die
Myra Bansal.
My life was not easy especially when you have a father who tried to kill his wife and who tried to marry me off to another person despite knowing I was married to Aaryan. Getting married was not on my list. But to save my best friend’s business. I took that challenge for 6 months I have to pretend to be his fake wife nothing more nothing less. But not everything goes as we planned. I fell in love with Aaryan who forgot what love and affection feel like. His life revolved around work but I saw the lonely kid who was deprived of the feeling of love and care. Who would have thought this fake marriage would turn into a real marriage? Our love story was not ordinary it was unique, We don’t need words to express how we feel. His eyes showed what I needed, that is all I want. After he entered into my life, I found that my life was all a lie. A danger from my past is still around. This time with Aaryan I would put an end.

Love Challenge: It was worth fighting for you and me. Forever

  • Farhaana

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