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About Compiler 

Hello Friends, He is "Mohd. Farhan Alam Lari" from "Uttar-Pradesh". He is a strong believer in the benevolence of God. He has trained his eyes on having completed his post-graduation in commerce, at Present he is preparing for Competitive exam. And he believes the best way to convey one's thoughts is by the medium of poems. This has inspired his to explore the literary world. He loves to write "poetry and quotes" and now he is a "Project head of SYP" and "Al-Lina Publication" as well as "Co_Founder of Literary_Hub Community" too and "Graphics-Designer of WOL Community".
And guys he secured the position of "2nd_Runner_Up" in his first online youtube competition". He won "275+ Daily and Weekly poetry challenges" on different writing platforms. He won "Season-1 Winner of Spiritual Thought Community". He was Winner for category "Prayer" which conducted by "RIGEL Foundation". He has also got 2_Times title "Writer of the Week" and 3_Times Title "Writer of the Month". He got the opportunity to Co-Author in "150+ Anthologies". He has been Compiled "7-books" and "11-Books Executed by him". He has received "2-times" the title of "Green Soldier" and He is also an "Award Winner". Guys recently he achieved title "Performer of the year 2021". He is also Winner of "Lifeque-National Student Writing Contest". He selected in "Top_50 out of 1000+ Participants". once again he selected in "Top_50 out of 400 Participants" and as well as "Top_26 on Women's Day" and he selected "Top_5 out of 200+ Participants". He won "Pulwama Day Contest", "Republic Day Contest" and "2_Times Winner of Word Game".

On 1st January of 2022, he awarded with Several Titles like " Best Male Writer, Best Speaker, Best Compiler, Best Content".
In February 2022, he performed in his "1st time Offline poetry competition and became Winner". In April 2022, he became "Author and Record Holder also".
He also published in "Electronic and Print Media". In the month of "May 2022", he achieved "3rd Runner Up rank" in "Goutam Sarkar Memorial Awards 2022"
and "June-2022" he became winner "Star of Lucknow" Contest. And recently he achieved "Writer Of The Year 2022".
And he will be forever grateful for your love and cooperation..... @author_farhan.lari

Co Author Family
Divyanshu Srivastava,Rajeshwari Sinha,Manisha S Kaushal,अब्दुल रहमान (रहमान बाँदवी).Aditi Vats,Meeta Luniwal,Mohammed Niyaz,Khushi yadav,Anwesha Rath,Anjna Agrawal,Rekha mishra,Durakhshan khatoon,Nikita Majhi,Pawan Amit Trivedi,Sarita Mishra Pathak "kaavyansha,डाॅ. अर्चना श्रेया श्रीवास्तव,Komal Tandon,Usman Khan,Aliya Noor Afshan,Bhavna Mohan vidhani,Saumya Joshi,Bhaumya chaurasiya,RANGEESH CHANDRASEKAR,Pranali Bhinge,Pranita prabhat,Swathi.R,Simran bhatt,सृष्टि स्नेही,Keerthi Priya M


Our National Festivals

  • Farhan Alam Lari

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