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School gardening

Gardening enhances hand-eye coordination, physical strength, and academic skills such as reading, writing, cutting, and typing, gardening has been shown to help children develop all kinds of senses. Among the topics covered in the everyday national curriculum, gardening gives children the opportunity to learn about seasons, weather, life cycles, animals, and mini-beasts. Additionally, it improves numeracy and literacy skills. Students can benefit from school gardens by reconnecting with the natural world, learning gardening and planting concepts, and promoting a sense of personal and social responsibility. School gardens are another way to get children out of the classroom and away from books as part of a regular school schedule. As a result of gardening with their students, teachers have noticed an increased level of empathy towards their students, their classmates, and the organisms living in their school patch.

    The purpose of this small workbook is to assist children and students in learning about gardening. This is not just gardening, but also improving some business skills. It is our hope that this book will have a positive impact on students' understanding of agriculture, as well as increasing their sense of social responsibility

School gardening

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