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Seed Health Testing and Management

This lecture book, “Seed Health Testing and Management” of MSc Seed Science & Technology, has been prepared by Madhwendra Kumar Pathak ( M.Sc(Ag) in seed science &Technology) . This subject is intended to provide an overview of the various aspects of “Seed Health Testing and Management” such as seed production, seed certification, and seed heaIth management, also covers topics related to the management of seed health . The content of this subject has been developed keeping in mind the needs of students pursuing the MSc Seed Science & Technology course.

It is structured in a way that it can be easily understood by the readers. The subject also includes further help in understanding the concepts discussed in the text. This subject is intended to act as a reference guide As per as ICAR Syllabus , to students who are pursuing Master’s in seed science &Technology . I hope that this subject will provide an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, and will help students in their preparation of  examination in subject of seed health  testing & management.

Seed Health Testing and Management

  • Madhwendra Kumar Pathak 


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