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Subgingival Caries Management

Subgingival caries are the caries whose margins are located subgingivally be it from buccal, palatal/lingual or proximal surface i.e., below the gingival margin. The impact of subgingival caries is bidirectional on the tooth surface as well as on the periodontal tissues, increasing the negative impact on the patient's overall oral health status. There is a paucity in the organised literature regarding the subgingival caries and its management. Hence, this dissertation attempts to concise & put forward the concept of Subgingival Caries & its Management for the clinicians of various specialities. Thus, enabling a better treatment approach whenever encountered with such tricky and complicated clinical situation.

Subgingival Caries Management

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  • Dr. Smriti Rohilla

    Dr. Shabnam Negi

    Dr. Sameer Makkar

    Dr. Nisha Garg


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