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Thanatophobia: The Fear Of Loosing Someone You Love

The series of interconnected stories follow the life of Bryan, a young man in Scotland, as he navigates through fear, trauma, and personal growth. In "BOISTEROUS FAMILY," Bryan's parents' success story shapes his upbringing, fostering a strong friendship with Reuben. However, a tragic event in "UNCALLED MORTICIAN" triggers Bryan's fear of death (thanatophobia), isolating him.

As Bryan battles nightmares and anxiety in "BIPOLAR," his fear's grip tightens, straining his relationships. Yet, in "LET THEM REST, THE DEADS," Bryan's bond with Reuben and his connection with Alisha lead to positive changes, offering hope. "LOVED TO APPEASE" finds Bryan embracing love and becoming a father, despite lingering fears. "THE REBIRTH OF THANATOPHOBIA" sees Bryan's memory loss and eventual recovery through Reuben's support.

With "FRIENDSHIP TRICK AND BOND," Bryan seeks professional help, undergoing psychological transformation and healing from thanatophobia. "THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THANATOPHOBIA" explores the therapeutic journey in-depth, detailing Bryan's growth. Finally, in "THE FREEDOM OF LIVING WITHOUT FEAR," Bryan conquers his fear, living a present-focused life and sharing his wisdom to inspire others.

Throughout these stories, Bryan's experiences embody themes of fear, friendship, personal transformation, and the power of professional guidance. The narratives depict Bryan's evolution from a fear-stricken individual to one who empowers himself and others to live life fully, unburdened by fear. The series offers an inspiring exploration of the human capacity to overcome challenges and embrace a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Thanatophobia: The Fear Of Loosing Someone You Love

  • Droit Maye

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