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The Mystery Behind Death Book

Book description:

You must hear a lot of stories but some stories are different. Today we are going to tell you one such story. This story is very different from other stories, why i am saying this, you will see by reading it yourself.

This is the story of the year 2071, this is the time where technology had advanced so much that you cannot even imagine. This is the time where everything from cars to planes was electronic, there was neither petrol nor diesel.There was only technology,  at this time going mars or moon was like going vns397 to lucknow405 . Technology had become so fast that m930 capsules were used to go to mars. People of 1/5th earth started living in mars because earth was now ruled by a.I . There were robots in the government office too. The prime minister was also robots.....

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About the author:
Areeb ahmad is a teenager author, cartoonist, poet of india. He was born on may 2 in the holy city of varanasi. He is studying in 11th standard in 2022. He loves to write stories for children's, his stories has a deep meaning which inspire the people. He wrote his first book at the age of 10years .
He thinks about the things in a different way that people are interested in reading it again and again. He is generally know as " children's author ".

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The Mystery Behind Death Book

  • Areeb Ahmad 

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