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War, Peace, and Love: A Dark Fantasy Tale

A deadly virus engineered by the enemy country turned the entire population of multiple cities into mindless, rabid creatures hungry for flesh. Maya got trapped in the city, overrun by infected ones. Dhruv engaged in a rescue operation of survivors while the enemy waged war on the border. Dhruv and Maya barely escaped a nuclear assault by the enemy with a group of survivors. Both ended up in a valley up in the mountains as the world turned into a post-apocalyptic hell.

Everyday life has become a struggle now. The survivors barely manage to stay alive, with members scavenging for food on supply hunts. Finally, one day, two members return with news of another camp with better living conditions. All the survivors set course to this new camp, but their journey is not a walk in the park. They find their very existence challenged when they encounter another rogue group. Fatefully, the soldiers who survived the war save them.

Dhruv and Maya find themselves in the middle of this struggle between the rogues and the soldiers. Will they ever get out this alive, or is this truly their end?

War, Peace, and Love: A Dark Fantasy Tale

₹400.00 Regular Price
₹299.00Sale Price
  • Suraj Singh Sisodia

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